About me


Date of Birth: 02/12/1974   

Place of Birth: Tabriz

Nationality: Iranian

Marital Status: Married

Educational Status:

 Doctoral degree in Banking, Marmara University in Istanbul, Turkey in 2008-2012. These Titles: Anti Money Laundering in Banking System and a Suggestion Model for Iran Banking System.

Master’s degree in Industrial Management, Islamic AZAD University of Tabriz 2001-2004. These Title: Checking Relationship between Motivation and Productivity in Bank of SEPAH

Bachelor degree in Public Administration from the University of Tabriz, from 1993 - 1999

High school diploma in the field of social economy From Tabriz LOGMAN high school from 1989- 1993

Vocational training courses passed:

Full course in accounting in 1380 hours for technical and professional integration of JAVAN Branch 2006-2008

Work Experiences:

Tutoring and teaching for high school students from 1999- 2000

Working for Bank SEPAH as employee since 06/11/2000

Besides, initially I was hired as a second ranking as bank accountant in Tabriz, then I was promoted to a bank accountant. And then I was transferred to Tehran in 2003 and I continued my work as an inspector of banking in Bank SEPAH with the duty of controlling, checking and analyzing bank’s branches’ accounts all over Iran.

Before leaving Iran for Turkey to graduate in PHD, during 2006 and 2007 I was teaching Banking and micro-economy in Payam Noor University, Karaj / Shahr Ray Branches


·        Islamic capital market instruments in Turkey (Turkish)

·        Inspection and auditing in Islamic Banking (Turkish)

·        The global economic crisis and its effects in Turkey (Turkish)

·        Corporate Banking in Turkey (Turkish)

·        Free Trade and its impact on foreign trade (Turkish)

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Foreign Languages:

Azeri, Turkish, Persian, English, French


 Hiking. Watching movies. Reading books. Visiting historical places in the world. Playing Table Tennis